Richmond exudes natural beauty, a rich history, and a wide range of delectable cuisine.

In Richmond, Tasmania, a colonial-era town, visitors can explore historic sites such as St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, built in 1837, Richmond Bridge, built by convicts in 1825, Convict Gaol, and more than 50 Georgian buildings, many of which have been meticulously restored and are now used as cafes, restaurants, galleries, and lodging.

It’s also in the heart of the Coal River Valley, one of Australia’s fastest-growing wine regions, making it a fantastic hub for foodies and wine connoisseurs alike. Visitors can stroll through quaint craft shops and restaurants while soaking in the welcoming village atmosphere.


Richmond Bridge

This could be why you came to Richmond or even Tasmania in the first place. You’d seen pictures of the massive sandstone pillars and lush green riverbanks and wanted to see them for yourself.

The Richmond Bridge is a heritage-listed arch bridge and Australia’s oldest stone-span bridge. The bridge was designated an outstanding historic site in 2005 and was added to the Australian National Heritage List.

The Richmond Bridge is Australia’s oldest sandstone bridge still in use. It is a well-preserved timepiece of Australian history, built by convicts sent to Australia from England.


St. John’s Church

While admiring the bridge and riverbank, you’ll notice a stunning tall church. St John’s, Australia’s oldest catholic church, is perched high on a hill above the Coal River and Australia’s oldest bridge. And what a beautiful building it is; the stained glass windows were probably the highlight for visitors, but everything here is fantastic.

It was dedicated on December 31, 1837, and Bishop Polding’s blessing of the foundation stone was the first formal act of an Australian Catholic bishop.

This is not a simple early colonial structure; it, like the bridge, was built with pride and care, as evidenced by the fact that we can see it today. The current spire, however, is not entirely original; it was built in 1972 and is the second replacement spire.


St. Luke’s Church

Another of Richmond’s grand buildings that visitors must see in Richmond Tasmania is St. Luke’s Anglican Church. St Luke’s was built in a delightful Georgian Gothic style between 1834 and 1835, with a crenelated west-end tower and clock. Hobart’s historic St. David’s Cathedral provided the clock and double-sided lectern. In 1864, Michael O’Connor of London created the stained glass in the east window.

Visitors appreciate the fact that St. Luke’s Church is authentic and has barely changed since its construction. It was built by convicts and features a beautiful timber roof that was so well constructed that the convict responsible was freed in recognition of their efforts.


Oldest gaol in Australia

Richmond was an important police district between Port Arthur and Hobart in the early days of settlement. The Richmond gaol, built in 1825 to house convicts shipped out from England for often minor offenses, is Australia’s oldest jail. These convicts were used as slaves to build Richmond Village, including the Richmond Bridge.

It was used until 1928 and depicts the difficulties of convict life in the nineteenth century. Every day, self-guided tours are available, and as you walk through the cells, you can learn about the stories of some of the notorious inmates, including the famous convict “Ikey Solomon,” who many believe inspired the character of Fagin in Charles Dickens’s novel “Oliver Twist.”


Old Hobart Town Model Village

The Old Hobart Town Model Village is an excellent place to learn about the lives of early Hobart settlers. Visitors can walk through a miniature replica of Hobart as it was in the 1820s, which is located in the heart of Richmond.

As visitors walk through the streets of old Hobart, informative signage tells the story of how and why Hobart was so important to the Australian colonies, capturing visitors’ attention and making for a unique and fascinating tour.

This incredible work of art includes over sixty replica model buildings, five to six hundred period figurines, convicts, gentlemen, and even ladies of the night, over one hundred native myrtle bonsai trees, and spans roughly two tennis courts. It encompasses Sullivan’s Cove, Hunter Island, the Hobart Rivulet, and the central business district.


Discover Something New at the Pooseum

No, we did not spell museum incorrectly! It’s a Pooseum, and it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular things to do in Richmond, Tasmania.

The Pooseum is a one-of-a-kind science museum dedicated entirely to animal droppings. It is the only one of its kind in the world right now. The Pooseum, far from presenting toilet humour, is on a serious mission to educate visitors about the fascinating world of feces. The museum has over 50 information panels and 40 touch-screen videos.

There is a lot of interesting information and displays that have been dehydrated or fossilized. Young and old will enjoy this intriguing venue; come with an open mind and be surprised!


Zoodoo Zoo

Zoodoo Zoo provides a unique opportunity to learn about, appreciate, and interact with animals. Zoodoo is in the heart of the Coal River Valley, just minutes away from historic Richmond.

Unlike most wildlife parks that focus on Australian animals or Zoos that focus on foreign species, Zoodoo has it all. It provides incredible encounters and experiences, as well as daily interactive educational keeper talks and a large indoor adventure playground.

There are numerous chances for interaction. Guests can hand feed Kangaroos and Wallabies in the walk-through Native Park, take a stroll through the large bird aviary, and get a close-up encounter with the animals.


Take Part in a Cheese Tasting

The Wicked Cheese Co. is a must-visit for cheese enthusiasts. These small-batch cheesemakers make their own cheese, which can be sampled and purchased. There are award-winning Bries, hard cheeses, and unique fusions such as chili camembert and whiskey cheddar.

A charming little shop with friendly staff and a lovely atmosphere. There is indoor and outdoor seating available. The cheeses are absolutely delicious, and the portions are very generous. They also sell local products like wine and honey. There is also ice cream available here.


Explore the Coal River Valley

Coal River Farm, a newcomer to the valley, serves a nice casual lunch with a beautiful view. If you get hungry, there’s incredible in-house chocolate and cheese, as well as hearty, modern dishes. If you want to get some fresh air, there’s a large strawberry patch where you can pick your own strawberries to take with you.

If you like wine, you should visit the wineries in Richmond and the Coal River Valley; the Coal River Valley is quickly becoming known for producing world-class wine! Because of the cool climate, the growing season is longer, resulting in outstanding Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Noir. Drop by for a tasting, lunch, or to pick up a few bottles to take home.


Amaze Richmond

If racing through a towering hedge maze while having a good time is your idea of family fun, the Amaze Richmond is the place to be. Explore the beautiful Hedge Maze and race to the end while navigating the shrubbery walls. You will be transported to a world of twists and turns as you navigate your way through the dense foliage as you enter the hedge maze.

The Amaze Richmond features a traditional hedge and timber maze spanning over 2.6km in length, providing visitors with hours of entertainment and challenge as they navigate the winding paths. Both Hedge Maze and Timber Maze are intended for the entire family, and because it isn’t too difficult to navigate, even children can try them without worrying their parents.

It also has a café that is open from Thursday to Sunday during the winter months. Enjoy a bite to eat or a refreshing drink at the café. Amaze Richmond is a must-see attraction that has something for everyone, whether you’re a local or a tourist.


Have a Wonderful Lunch

Delicious food and wine are abundant both in town and in the surrounding Coal River Valley region. Whether you’re looking for basic pub fare or pastries, or world-class wine, cheese, and chocolate, it’s all here.

Ashmore House is a lovely colonial-style tearoom. Serving traditional café fare in a boutique setting, such as coffee, cakes, bacon and eggs, and gourmet lunches made with local, in-season ingredients.

Nearby vineyards provide breathtaking views, as well as cellar doors and restaurants serving delicious Tasmanian fare. The Richmond Wine Wall, which features over 20 cellar door venues and vineyards located throughout the Coal River Valley wine district, encourages visitors to take advantage of everything the region has to offer.

The Richmond Bakery has been around for a long time and is well-known for its hot pies with generous meaty mouthfuls (try the scallop pies, they’re delicious!). There is plenty of indoor seating and outdoor seating in a nice courtyard, and you can eat on the village green or by the bridge for a short walk.


Take the Rest You Deserve.

After a day of sightseeing in Richmond, Tasmania, the most important thing to remember is to rest. Travel depletes even the most stable and strong bodies. Relaxation is an often overlooked aspect of health, but it is the most effective way to reset and recharge your body.

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