Mt. Rumney Escapes is a fantastic modern accommodation option for visitors to Tasmania. This is a self-contained accommodation option that is ideal for those who want to experience everything Hobart, Tasmania and the surrounding areas have to offer.


Mt. Rumney Escapes is a vacation rental property in Hobart that offers a variety of accommodation options for guests. The property currently consists of a large shed, which are used for storage and workspace, as well as one pet-friendly cabin. In addition, there are five houses on the property, four of which offer spectacular views of Seven Mile Beach and the surrounding area. 

These houses have been thoughtfully designed with both aesthetics and comfort in mind, ensuring that guests have a pleasant and enjoyable stay. Safety was also a top priority during the design process, so guests can rest assured that they are staying in a safe and secure environment. The combination of beautiful views, comfortable accommodations, and a safe environment make Mt. Rumney Escapes an ideal destination for a relaxing vacation.

The Beginning of Something Great

When Property Developers and Investors Clarissa and Bruce purchased a vast piece of land over 150 acres in 2011, their initial plan was to construct three homes for their three beautiful daughters. However, their plans were met with resistance from the council, who were not in favor of subdividing the property into three parts. This was a setback for Clarissa and Bruce, but they were determined to find a way to make the most of their investment.

It was at a council meeting that the idea of using the property for tourism was first discussed. This presented a new opportunity for Clarissa and Bruce, and they quickly realized the potential of the land as a vacation rental property. After researching the local market and analyzing the demand for tourism in the area, they decided to pursue this idea further and Mt. Rumney Escapes was born.

The plan to construct three homes for their daughters may not have come to fruition, but the council’s decision to not allow the property to be subdivided ultimately led to the creation of Mt. Rumney Escapes, a successful vacation rental property that brings joy and relaxation to many visitors.  Their daughters will still be able to benefit from these beautiful houses as well as income to support their youngest daughter, Mia who is Down Syndrome, this allows Mia the opportunity to work at the property in the future if she so wishes.

In 2015, Clarissa and Bruce decided to take the plunge and invest in their first vacation rental property. They purchased a small cabin, which although simple in design, quickly became a popular destination for both locals and tourists looking for a peaceful getaway. The cabin’s secluded location, tranquil atmosphere, and breathtaking views were the main draws for guests.

Since the beginning, the property has been home to a variety of animals and this has been a big attraction for visitors. Clarissa and Bruce have always been animal lovers, and they had a dog named Diesel who was a friendly companion of guests since they opened the doors of the cabin in 2015. Unfortunately, Diesel passed away a few years ago, but his memory still lives on and visitors often ask about him. Diesel loved playing ball and he loved the guests. Today, we have new dogs for guests to see and play with. They hope to add more animals to the property in the future, to continue to provide guests with a unique and memorable experience.

Over the years, the cabin has undergone some improvements, but the couple always made sure to keep the original cabin’s rustic charm and simplicity that made it so appealing to guests. They have also been very conscious of the environment and have implemented sustainable practices to minimize the cabin’s impact on the environment. They believe that preserving the natural beauty of the area is just as important as providing guests with comfortable accommodations.

Clarissa and Bruce’s first vacation rental property, a small cabin, has been a great success. Despite its simplicity, it has long been a popular place for visitors to rest and relax, and it has been a major stepping stone in their journey to building Mt. Rumney Escapes.


Expansion of Mt. Rumney Escapes

Construction for the five houses at Mt. Rumney Escapes was supposed to start in 2020, but due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it had to be pushed back. The pandemic caused delays and disruptions in the supply chain, making it difficult to obtain the necessary materials and equipment. Despite these challenges, Clarissa and Bruce were determined to move forward with the project.

In September 2021, construction finally restarted, and the couple and their team worked diligently to complete the construction of the five houses by June 2022. They encountered a few minor setbacks along the way, such as delays in receiving certain materials and equipment, but they were able to overcome them with the help of their trusted vendors. They obtained their building supplies from reputable vendors such as Uptons Building Supplies and Bunnings Warehouse, ensuring that they were using high-quality materials that met their standards.

When it comes to building the new homes at Mt. Rumney Escapes, Clarissa and Bruce took great care in selecting the materials to use. They pride themselves on using high-quality Australian timbers in the construction of houses, which not only look beautiful but are also sturdy and durable. This ensures that the guests will have a comfortable and safe stay in the houses.

One of the main focuses for these new homes is to make them off-the-grid. To achieve this, Clarissa and Bruce have outfitted all five houses with solar panel systems and backup batteries, and a generator. This not only reduces the environmental impact but also provides a unique and sustainable experience for the guests. In addition, they have also installed a rainwater harvesting system, which it collects water from the roof spaces of the houses and pumps it into the 132,000-litre water tank. This ensures that the guests have a steady supply of fresh water during their stay.

Mt. Rumney Escapes also pay great attention to the waste system of the property, it was designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. They have set up a system that sprays wastewater into the bush area below Mt. Rumney Escapes. This not only reduces our impact on the environment but also creates a more natural and harmonious experience for our guests.

Clarissa and Bruce took great care in selecting the materials used for our house’s interior and exterior for the Mt. Rumney Escapes houses. They use a combination of brick veneer and Weathertex for the exterior walls, a material that reflects their commitment to sustainable tourism. The finished interior panels are elegant, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. They used Spapanel, a water-resistant and hygienic lining system that gives our bathrooms a sophisticated look. All of these materials and systems have been chosen with the goal of providing guests with a comfortable, safe, and sustainable stay.

Clarissa and Bruce also understand the importance of having well-maintained roads leading to the property. They have been working on improving the roads leading to Mt. Rumney Escapes by doing regular maintenance such as filling potholes and repaving sections as needed. This ensures that the guests have a smooth and safe journey to the property.  

All of these improvements are made with the goal of providing the guests with a pleasant and enjoyable stay at Mt. Rumney Escapes. The couple wants to ensure that the guests are not only comfortable in their accommodations but also that they have access to beautiful outdoor spaces and safe and well-maintained roads. Clarissa and Bruce will continue to make improvements to Mt. Rumney Escapes in order to better serve the guests and provide them with an exceptional vacation experience.


The Future of Mt. Rumney Escapes

Clarissa and Bruce put in a lot of hard work, effort, and resources to make this a reality, from getting all the legal permits and licenses to designing and building the various accommodation options to hiring and training staff to marketing and promoting the property. They even put in extra effort to make the place eco-friendly and sustainable. Through their dedication and perseverance, Mt. Rumney Escapes has become a popular vacation destination for visitors to the area.

Mt. Rumney Escapes understands that the guests are looking for more than just a place to stay. They are looking for a complete vacation experience, and they are dedicated to providing that. That’s why Clarissa and Bruce have put a lot of thought and care into the design of the houses, ensuring that they are not only beautiful but also comfortable and safe for the guests.

As part of the master plan, Clarissa and Bruce are excited to announce the addition of an office/store to Mt. Rumney Escapes. This office will be staffed by a dedicated caretaker who will be available to assist our guests with any questions or concerns they may have during their stay. Whether it’s providing information about local attractions or helping with any issues that may arise, the caretaker will be there to ensure that the guests have a pleasant and enjoyable vacation experience.

Another exciting addition to Mt. Rumney Escapes is the inclusion of a swimming pool and gym. The swimming pool will be a great place for our guests to cool off and relax, especially on hot summer days. The gym will be equipped with modern equipment for our guests to stay in shape during their vacation. We believe that these amenities will be a great way to enhance the guests’ experience and make their stay at Mt. Rumney Escapes even more enjoyable.

There will also be an existing quakers barn renovated for more short-term stays and/or events like small parties, weddings, seminars, and meetings, as well as another 4 Tourist Houses in another location on the property, a caretakers house and additions to the existing 1st Tourist House.

All of these amenities and features have been carefully chosen to create an exceptional vacation experience for our guests. We are confident that these additions will make Mt. Rumney Escapes the perfect place for guests to relax, unwind, and enjoy their time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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