House Rules

1. Security Bond (Fully Refundable) (Airbnb exempt) – A $200 security bond authorization will be held on your credit card with Stripe or through at the time of booking. At end of your stay, the stripe will release the hold within 7 days unless there is damage or stolen property. Airbnb guests are covered under Airbnb insurance, a security hold will not be required. Any damage, mess, or stolen property will be taken from your Security Bond. Photos will be provided to you. Any damage or stolen property over the Security Bond amount will require us to notify your booking agency and the police, you will be required to pay for all repairs or stolen items, including any legal costs that are incurred to recover costs. At the time of booking, you are agreeing that if there is damage or stolen items that are over and above the security bond we can take them from your credit card. All details will be presented to you. Interest at 2.5% per month will be added until paid in full. 

  1. Directions 
  1. Bed Configuration 
  1. Pet Friendly (Horse House Only) – Pets are allowed for the existing cabin. “Horse” only! Pets are not allowed at any Seaview house named as ‘Possum, Eagles, Wombat, Tassie Devil, Kangaroo’! You must seek approval for animals to stay at our property and accept our pet-friendly pet rules below. No animals on beds or lounges. Clean up dog or animal droppings and place outside bin. Only toilet-trained animals are allowed inside. Any damage to property will be charged to the guest. It’s at the owner’s discretion to ask for an additional security authorisation of up to $200.00, please provide the owner with your pet details before arriving. You bring your pets at your own risk, we are not responsible for your pet or damage your pet causes to other people or animals. 
  1. Cancellation & Refund Policy – Guests can cancel until 5 days before check-in for a full refund minus a $20 administration fee.  If you cancel for 5 days or less, you’ll pay 50% of your booking. 
  1. Payments – A payment of 30% upon booking and the remaining will be taken in full at the time of arrival. Any cash payments are to be paid upon arrival or as agreed. Some booking sites may take full payment and release it to us upon your arrival. 
  1. Cleaning Fee – If you leave unwashed crockery and cooking items in the sink or dishwasher, you will be charged $15 which will be taken from your Security Bond. Please ensure you turn on the dishwasher and place all rubbish outside in the labeled bins before leaving. 
  1. Identification – A driver’s license or a passport must be provided at the time of booking. If you haven’t provided it yet, please email this now at or provide it in messages. 
  1. Keys – If keys are not returned to the lockbox a minimum charge of $85 applies, and final charges will be charged to your credit card. 
  1. Emergency Management Plan – Please ensure when you arrive that you make yourself familiar with our Emergency Procedure on the wall and in our guest book. 
  1. Covid Check-in – Please ensure when you arrive that you follow all the Covid guidelines and instructions as required by the Tasmania Government and check in all your guests. 
  1. Parties and Functions – Noise and Arriving at the Property No parties or functions are allowed without the permission of the owner. Parties may require an additional security authorization hold. Noise is to reduce to a minimum after 10 pm. We ask that guests arrive before midnight. No visitors after 10 pm unless discussed with the owner. We ask that all guests respect all other guests during their stay. 
  1. Animals on the property and bushland – When staying at the property, please be aware of all animals, including wildlife, we are not responsible if you are hurt by these animals by getting to close to them. Also, be aware of certain times of the year in regards to wildlife, breeding seasons. You are visiting natural bushland and farming, there are obstacles, trees, and machinery around this property. Stay on tracks only. We are not responsible if you are wondering off track area’s. Please drive to the conditions, if you haven’t driven in Tasmania, please familiarise yourself with the Driving safe in Tasmania –,others%20to%20pass%20from%20behind.
  1. We have gravel roads and wildlife – please drive slowly. The owner reserves the right to amend, change or delete any house rules at any time. By accepting your booking, you agree to abide by the House rules.